Below are some of the documents that I have written up for the various projects that I have worked on. Some are design, technical or QA documents, some are spreadsheets either complimenting the other documents or there are other docs created as side projects.

Design Documents

For this GDD I was not the primary author, but I helped collaborate on aspects of the document.
Strange Eden GDD

This was done as a complimenting document as a pitch to create P.U.N.K.
P.U.N.K. Pitch Doc

This GDD was pitched to make the game Blitzkrieg Force for mobile.
Blitzkrieg Force GDD

Mission Document for 3 separate mission arcs and explanation of units used. Written as an exercise for a game that does not exist.
Verden Mission Document

Technical Documents

Technical Design Document for Strange Eden where I was the primary author.
Strange Eden TDD

QA Documents

QA Test Plan for Strange Eden where I was the sole author. It was a test plan for the game as a whole.
QA Test Plan


Supporting spreadsheet for Strange Eden's QA Test Plan.
QA Test Plan Supporting Spreadsheet

This was a first draft for the cash shop used in the mobile game Blackburn. At this stage, we were focusing on the rewards given for achievements and per level.
Blackburn Estimated Cost/Reward Spreadsheet


A high level game analysis of the game Titanfall.
Titanfall Game Analysis