After a long break due to recovering from surgery, I started working in the games industry again at VMC. Working within the EA campus, I worked as Dev Support / Integrated QA for FIFA Mobile. My roles were primarily around feature and shelf testing, live ops QA, UX load tests, smoke tests and bug regression. I would bounce the most between disciplines and utilizing my skills as a quick learner and flexible person to help wherever I was most needed. I would get the opportunity to look through XML and Excel documents to help verify design intentions, find bugs faster and make changes where needed to hunt bugs as efficiently as possible.

We launched to iOS and Android in early November and have continued supporting the live game.

United Front Games

I first worked as Dev Support / Integrated QA on Triad Wars, but in a few months I switched roles to become a Combat Designer on Marvel Battlegrounds. As a Combat Designer I was primarily designing and balancing character ability kits and worked with animators, effects and programmers to have them come to life. As the character roster was approaching finish, we would continue to balance the characters but I would move into helping the level design and AI teams in scripting various parts of the levels including narrative triggers, nav mesh authoring and level event triggers. This work consisted of visual scripting in proprietary software, including occasional dabbling in C#/C++ if I needed a small tweak that I could manage on my own and document creation for the various character kits I designed.

Vancouver Film School

For VFS, I worked as a Teaching Assistant for both the Programming for Games, Web and Mobile as well as the Game Design programs. A lot of my work included helping students with any technical hurdles they may experience with Unity, C#, C++, Swift, HTML5, Javascript, CSS and PHP; going through their curriculum and suggest updates where necessary; mark student work and assist with the school's miscellaneous needs. On the design side I help teach students some of the fundamentals of design, in particular from the perspective of how to analyze other games and distill what other games did well into something useful that would pertain to their own projects.

Disrupted Logic Interactive

I worked two separate contracts for Disrupted Logic. For both products, I helped design within the restrictions given, created many of the levels, and was either the only programmer or the lead programmer.

One was a short one week contract to create a quick Christmas game for iOS and Android called Rudolph's Revenge. The team consisted of myself and the studio head. You can find it on the iOS, Google and Amazon stores for free, or you can try the online version here. Soon after Rudolph's Revenge, Disrupted Logic brought be back in for a second contract to work on the game Blackburn, which can be viewed on the projects tab.

Victory Square Games

After finishing the first contract with Disrupted Logic Interactive, I went onto work a 2 week contract with Victory Square Games. I was brought on to help polish 10 of their Windows 8 mobile games through programming help, implementing any missing audio and art assets, as well as helping with the core gameplay.